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The Bargain Bin of Oblivion

I've just discovered a rich new vein of low-budget, tacky nightmare:

Clips such as this come from the Bargain Bin of Oblivion YouTube channel:

There's a related blog thing:

The tagline runs, "If everything is terrible, then nothing is."

"When the sun rises in the morning and heralds a fine day, I can never resist exclaiming: there they have another gift of the gods which they can ruin for each other! Generally they do it out of stupidity, incomprehension and narrow-mindedness, and if you can believe what they say it is always with the best of intentions. At times I could go down on my knees and beg them not to do such reckless damage to their own hearts." - The Sorrows of Young Werther, Goethe
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bargain, bin, oblivion

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