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Thomas Ligotti is a modern Master of the macabre short story, living and writing to this day, and this webpage has been created to provide a forum for information about the author and his works, past, present, and future.  Feel free to browse around and write me with your comments or suggestions.  Thanks for visiting with us....





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October 1998

Direct quote from Thomas Ligotti: "The latest news on the live chat with the Event Horizon people is that it will take place Thursday, December 3 from 10:00 pm to 11:30 pm EST." You can find the Event Horizon Website (edited by Ellen Daltrow of The World's Best Fantasy and Horror yearly anthology) at this URL.

Here's news for whoever might be out there in the Whiteness. Thomas Ligotti has recently finished a new (and quite long) short story. The title isn't definite yet, but it looks like a toss up between "The Conspiracy Against the Human Race" and "The Shadow, The Darkness" . Personally I like " The Conspiracy Against the Human Race" (much more evocative). Since writing this, I have learned that at the editor's request "The Shadow, The Darkness" won out. Darnit.

Here's further news: the story has been accepted for publication and will be coming out in a book entitled 999: The Last Anthology of Supernatural Horror and Suspense, edited by Al Sarrantonio. I have no idea when this is going to come out, but I do know that it will be "a hardcover, high-profile horror anthology (S. King, J.C. Oates, a short novel by William Peter Blatty, etc.)". Many congratulations to Mr. Ligotti on this acceptance!

Best of all, this story is (imo) easily the best one to date. I won't reveal anything except for one fact: when I read the manuscript for the first time, I got physically ill (specifically, a stomach disturbance). For reasons which you will understand once you too are able to read this remarkable tale, this illness evoked a profound nihilistic bleakness within me which lasted several days. I wish I could elaborate, but I don't want to spoil it. I have never been moved in quite the way "The Conspiracy Against the Human Race" moved me. Oh yeah, also there are more characters and more dialogue in this one than just about anything I've ever read by him (and it is all done quite superbly).

Thomas Ligotti will be collaborating again with David Tibet and Current 93 on a project entitled "I Have a Special Plan for This World." Apparently, these consists of twelve short texts that are in a story/poetry/song lyric format; he has already written them. I'm not sure when this will be coming out.

Thomas Ligotti will be collaborating again with David Tibet and Current 93 on a project entitled "I Have a Special Plan for This World." Apparently, these consists of twelve short texts that are in a story/poetry/song lyric format; he has already written them. I'm not sure when this will be coming out.

Apparently Christoph Heemann, who helped record and mix IaFT-IaFL, liked the idea of Ligotti's "dream monologue tapes" from "The Bungalow House." At any rate, this initial thought led to the collaboration between TL and C-93 (as I mentioned, the lyrics/poetry have been written by Tom - now the rest is up to the magic of David and Co.).

Interestingly, the title, "I Have a Special Plan for This World" is derived from a question on a psychiatric test which goes something like this: "Do you have special plans for the world?" If you answer yes, chances are you will be diagnosed as a manic depressive.

On another note, Current 93 has released their new album, SOFT BLACK STARS. If this title sounds familiar, that is because it is an evocative, sinister phrase used in Ligotti's "Teatro Grottesco." Although Tom will not be directly collaborating on this album, from what I understand this will be David's best work to date (and this is saying MUCH, as his work to date is brilliant in its own right [and if you haven't bought a Current 93 album yet, click on any of the Current 93 links, which will send you to Satya Palani's excellent and informative website on the band -- Tibet and Ligotti's work share some specific elements and themes {and if you like one you'll probably like the other}]).

On a side note, "Teatro Grottesco" was inspired by an actual theatre company that Ligotti peered at every day on his way to work -- "Theatre Grottesco" (listed on an office directory as being on the 20th floor). Incidentally, when he actually tried to visit the office, the door was locked. That's all I'll write about this odd but true story for the time being...

More later!

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